January 27, 2014


“Weekly veggie shares delivered to my doorstep has changed my life: It feels great to have such a profound connection with where the things I eat come from and how it gets here, I’m healthier than ever, because experimenting in the kitchen has never been more exciting.”

~Graphic Design Artist and Welder; Somerville, MA

“I wish every aspect of my business ran as smoothly as the deliveries I send through Metro Pedal Power! They never miss a beat and have really been one of the most consistent parts of my business for the past 5 years.”

~Chef and Owner, Farm-to-Table Meal Delivery; Somerville, MA

“Metro Pedal Power are exactly the kind of partners every farmer dreams of finding in the city. They bring our produce to people in places we could never get to, and they do it with the kind of consistency and care that we want for our customers. Without them, parts of our business simply wouldn’t be possible. And it’s just a bonus that their practices and principles are 100 percent in line with ours when it comes to the environment, sustainability and the creation of a real food network for the Boston area.”

~Farmers, Montague, MA

“Their deliveries show up sometimes better than the truck deliveries, We’re cutting down on some of the carbon in the air, by cutting out at least one more truck. It’s a better environmental choice.”

~Chef, Four-Star Hotel Restaurant; Cambridge, MA

“When we switched from trucks to bikes, we were able to increase the collection service for the public area recycling bins by a factor of three. Now Metro Pedal Power vehicles service the pedestrian-centric areas and the parks. We went from emissions to no emissions. The city is very pleased about that.”

~Municipal Recycling director, Cambridge MA

“What you have created, both in terms of workplace culture, and the business itself, is really inspiring. I’ve never worked anywhere that was as stress-free, cooperative, and fun as at Metro Pedal Power.”

~Employee, Jamaica Plain, MA